Surrounding Area


The access road to ‘Erve ’t Hacht’ says it all. Here you are in this beautiful area. Guided by dozens of oaks you swing through the landscape to the neighbourhood ‘Engeland’, in the community Hardenberg (OV). The neighbourhood Engeland is mostly known for ‘Engelandsche bos’: an alternating field with a forest, a flowery meadow, shifting sands and a largely overgrown riverine of the river the Vecht. However, ‘Engelandsche bos’ is only a small part of the impressive Vechtdal. Erve ‘t Hacht gives you the best base to explore the versatile surroundings.

Forests, heather, water, estates, historical villages and bustling city centres …. The Vechtdal has it all. Close to Erve ‘t Hacht are the Pieterpad and the Vechtdalpad. These are famous trails in Holland. Furthermore, The Vechtdal also has its own expanded trail and bike network. The more adventures guests can also find enough challenges in the Vechtdal. For a first impression check:

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